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HOKi Custom™
We provide semi-custom design for details of components, also design for gift sets, folding carton and more...
Primary Packaging Design
From stock packaging to semi-custom design by adding details of component, flexibility in decorating and speed-to-market
Secondary Packaging Design
We recommend sustainable material, provide options of construction, present renderings & show physical samples with options, then test and confirm it is applied to production
Material Development Material Development
Decorations Decorations
Structural Engineering Structural Engineering
Sampling Sampling
Rendering Rendering
Testing Testing
3D Prototype 3D Prototype
Sustainability Sustainability
Our Process
Heres how the HOKi team delivers our smart and inventive packaging solutions.
01 Concept to design
Meet with client to define and discuss needs, and fill out project detail form.
02 rendering & sampling
Work closely with client to understand likes and dislikes. Design team revises renderings until perfect.
03 engineering
Anylizing and discuss to find out solutions for the issues we found when sampling and apply to mass production.
04 Manufacturing
All products are manufactured in-house utilizing our full range of materials and equipment.
05 Testing
Conduct all related testings for samples first for evaluation then do again for mass productions and report to clients during production.
We package, palletized, and load into container to your filler or warehouse, we keep everything security and on time.
We Make Packaging Beautiful & Sustainable

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