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HOKi packaging solutions
Our retail packaging will ensure that your product turns the consumer¡¯s head, making it from the shelf into their shopping cart.
Our packaging
Innovation & Development   Cost-Effective
HOKi Packaging is your total solutions partner when it comes to retail packaging. We cover everything from the critical concept design through to manufacturing, assembly and distribution. We run a clean operation, utilizing the most suitable materials and processes to ensure a superior product. Best of all, we¡¯re fast and efficient.   Our team can have your packaging designed, sampled, and tested on the basis of a CAD file. That means you¡¯ll receive prototypes and pricing for the packaging before your product is even ready. This is a huge advantage in the marketplace. With HOKi Packaging, you can maintain your edge by putting out new ideas and designs before anyone else.
We apply our expertise across a number of different sectors, designing and manufacturing packaging solutions for a huge variety of products.
Our process
Here¡¯s how the HOKi team delivers our smart and inventive display and packaging solutions.
01 Concept to design
Meet with client to define and discuss needs, and fill out project detail form
02 rendering & sampling
Design package PDQ, pallet, and display configurations if needed. Provide renderings and layout proposals.
03 engineering
All products are manufactured in-house utilizing our full range of materials and equipment
04 Manufacturing
Work closely with client to understand likes and dislikes. Design team revises renderings until perfect.
05 Testing
Provide production grade prototypes and additional visual aides for promotions and trade shows if needed.
06 Assembly & packaging
Massive space and labor capabilities in our Chinese and North American premises, ready to go when you are.
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